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DensiLand - Analysis of all things Deeks & Kensi

Resurrection (4x21) - DensiLand: Analysis of all things Deeks & Kensi

Resurrection (4x21)The one about babysitting


Written by: Dave Kalstein & Gil Grant; Directed by: Eric A. Pot

After a bit of conversation with Callen in the bullpen, Sam clears his throat to gain Kensi’s attention, but it doesn’t phase her. So he makes another few attempts.

DEEKS: All right, if Sam clears his throat any harder, he’s gonna break a hip. It’s Callen clearing his throat that finally gains her notice.

SAM: Lightly Kensi.

KENSI: Inquisitively Yeah?

SAM: Calmly What are you doing Saturday night?

KENSI: Uh…nothing. I mean… Noting a gleam in Callen’s eye, she immediately turns suspect. Why?


SAM: G got tickets to the Clippers game. My babysitter flaked out on me. (Respectfully, what is it with these people & the Clippers?)

CALLEN: His wife’s out of the country.

KENSI: Horrified You want me to babysit?!


SAM: Happily Now that you mention it.

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NCISLA Scoop - Talia

How long will Talia be sticking around on NCIS: LA? — Mary
Sorry, Densi ‘shippers: It doesn’t like Talia (Mercedes Masohn) is going anywhere soon. “We love this character,” executive producer Shane Brennan says. “Without a doubt we’ll be bringing her back.” But don’t expect Talia and Kensi to become BFFs anytime soon. “Let’s just say things become heated between [Talia] and Kensi when Talia gives her some unasked-for advice,” Brennan teases. “Her impact is both emotional and physical.” Can you say catfight?

Purity (4x20) - DensiLand: Analysis of all things Deeks & Kensi

Purity (4x20) The one about tax returns


Written by: Joe Sachs; Directed by: Eric Laneuville

Kensi is searching her desk, clearly seeking something specific. After denying Sam’s inquiry she flashes a document proclaiming it is an operations report, but Sam counters that was due last week. (Something hinky is definitely going on.)

KENSI:Well… hey! Deeks snatches the document from her grasp.


DEEKS: Reading from the document Vacation request submission, 2011. 2011? Wow, really? If you built a time machine and didn’t tell me about it, I am gonna be pissed.

CALLEN: Morning. What’s up?

SAM: Lightly taunting Kensi seems to have lost something.

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Debating Deeks: The Season 5 Deleted Densi Scene -- Yea or Nay?

DensiLand is blown away with the 100+ submissions in the Comments section of the “Densi Deleted Scene” post:

So with my colleague Diane, founder of WikiDeeks, we’ve taken the topic to that website!

Now you have two different sides of the issue to explore and two different sites to share your opinions! We look forward to hearing from you!


NCIS: LA´s Daniela Ruah co-hosts “Extra” with Mario Lopez

Another adorable Densi moment!

The Deleted Scene & DensiLand’s Stages of Grief

The Deleted Scene & DensiLand’s Stages of Grief


Credit: negativeonetoten

For some unknown reason, my experience with “The Deleted Densi Scene” has followed the traditional stages of grief. Because of this, I’m not very keen to write this post, but followers have requested it and I cannot disappoint! So while this won’t be a very positive post, I’ll share my opinion and then attempt to “let it go”. (If you now have the song from “Frozen” in your head, you’re welcome.)

Stage 1 – Denial & Isolation

At 9:59pm on Tuesday, Nov. 19, 2013 as I sat in our villa at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort after having sacrificed our VIP viewing of Illuminations in order to experience this episode live, I sat in stunned silence. Deeks made a firm confession; Kensi reacted; and they left the restaurant together. Reading all of the obvious signs viewers presumed (& the vast majority of fans desired that) their exit led to the ultimate intimate act. As usual, I was not among the majority.

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Debating Deeks: Is Hetty a Nurturing Ninja or Manipulating Master?

What do you think of Hetty? Join our discussion on the WikiDeeks website!


This post will be the place where you/we can discuss all the goodies of deleted scenes and special features of the S5 DVD set. Based on my work schedule this week I doubt I’ll be able to do an “analysis” of these, but I know many will be talking, so join the conversation by clicking the title of this post and scroll to Comments at the bottom.

I’ll try to update this post on the specifics? But I’ll be honest a new post might show up to. In the mean time, to spark your appetite, it has been revealed the post-Recovery/Spoils of War flashback is indeed on the DVDs!!! (Let the preemptive freaking out begin!!!)

So in moving ahead to S6, do we proceed as if that scene happened since some of us have seen it on the DVD or proceed as if it never happened since it didn’t air?!

DensiLand returns to NCISLA!


It’s true! Yes, best friend Kara and I will (as outlined in the previous post) be again visiting NCISLA, and this time it will be even bigger! In addition to observing filming, we’ll also experience a table read and shadow our host, producer Jordana Lewis Jaffe! Due to all of our work & travel schedules, this will likely take place in the spring. This event is result of a charity auction through the John Varvatos Benefit for The Rape Foundation supporting Stuart House. We are pleased to aid this worthwhile and sadly, necessary organization.

Sometime soon I will post a permanent link on the DensiLand blog so everyone can share in the anticipatory preparations for the trip as well as the exciting account of the on-site experience! I take this opportunity very seriously and will make every effort to positively represent all of you dedicated members of this special fandom!


Credit: ncis-los-angeles

P.S. Happy early-birthday Wyatt! Celebrations all around this weekend!

Daniela Ruah & Eric Christian Olsen #IceBucketChallenge

Because I want this on my blog forever!