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DensiLand - Analysis of all things Deeks & Kensi

Here is the complete NCISLA article from TV Guide. Some intriguing insights (if the Showrunner is to be believed….)

Thanks Susan K for the scan!

NCISLA/Densi: Partial TV Guide article

Thanks to follower “Susan K” for this pic.

Personally, I have mixed feelings about this, but perhaps that’s the lengthy hiatus that’s wearing on me. To use the term “hook up” for Densi just grates on me from a respect level, and additionally can still be considered a vague reference. (You know you don’t want to get me started on this “topic”. Again.)

On the other hand I’m ready to cheer for and reinforce my support of this ‘ship if we’re going to see realistic, true-life struggles of a potential workplace romance. With these two I’m sure we’re in for the unexpected.

As for a possible Densi fight scene. It could be hot. It could be awkward. It could resurface the grumbling about Kensi’s incessant punching of Deeks. For this, I’ll reserve any speculation until experiencing the scene myself.

As always, I welcome your own thoughts & Comments.

Descent (4x24) - DensiLand: Analysis of all things Deeks & Kensi

Descent (4x24) - The one with “The Kiss”


Written by: Frank Military Directed by: Terrence O’Hara

Author’s note: After seeing the first promo for this episode, I was completely stunned and decided to avoid all the other promos. Frankly I couldn’t deal with torture, let alone it being applied to Deeks. Also I was committed to not using the Pause button on my TiVo remote, in order to take in the pace of the episode as intended. (And yes, even though this is written in chronological order, for my own mental health, I needed to write the “kiss” section last. Additionally, this analysis, unlike nearly all of the others, includes my personal thoughts and reactions, a personal commentary if you will, from my initial viewing. It was such a powerful experience, I felt compelled to include it.)

So we have a nuclear bomb detonated BEFORE the smash cut to the opening. Whoa. At this point it was easy to tell we were going to be in for a wild ride.

In Ops nasty ole Granger spews out some foreshadowing words we know will very quickly have deep meaning, "Agents’ welfare is always secondary to the mission. Always has been; always will be." Uh oh. The partner swap ensues with Sam immediately refusing Deeks. I mean could you really blame him? This protection is for his WIFE, so of course he’s only going to want/trust Callen in this case. He verbalizes this exact sentiment, No. Not Deeks. I need Callen on this.”

So Kensi & Callen are off to Iran. I was wondering why Kensi and Callen had to go. Obviously, Callen has the primary connection to Janvier. But Kensi? I was guessing either sniper or language skills, which both were soon confirmed.

However, before really kicking things off, we find ourselves continuing where “Parley” (4x23) left off with AIA (Angst in Armory).

DEEKS: Crossed arms indicating displeasure with the situation You got sunscreen?


DEEKS: Extra ammo?

KENSI: Accepting his protectiveness Always.

DEEKS: Attempting to insert himself in her assignment You know I can ride a camel, right?

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Parley (4x23) - DensiLand: Analysis of all things Deeks & Kensi

Parley (4x23) - The one with Monica about Kensi’s jealousy

Written by: Cheo Hadari Coker; Directed by:John Peter Kousakis

Author’s Note: This was the original post to the DensiLand blog. The end of season 4 was so good I couldn’t wait to launch my blog at that time. However, to keep things in chronological order and to keep to my now traditional blog format, I’ve gone back and made significant updates. It’s another long one with so much Densi - enjoy!

A cold open shows a woman on the run as a perfectly-timed black Mustang arrives on scene serving as her escape vehicle. Knowing none of this can be good, based on all the running and shooting, the woman grabs the driver to kiss him. In this moment, we are shocked to discover the driver is Deeks! Wait. What?! What is going on?

Per the promos and teasers, we knew 1) Deeks was back undercover and 2) there was “a girl”. Now being good Densi ‘shippers, we automatically hate Monica. Fact. And then after the kiss in the car, now we’re eagerly anticipating Kensi’s reaction. Would it be jealousy? (Most likely) Anger? (Unlikely) Indifference? (Hello, have you met Kensi?!)

And BTW, regardless of it being “Max” or Deeks, future doses of him squealing away in a black Mustang would be appreciated. Very much appreciated.

Yet before we jump into this case “already in progress” a tradition easy morning start commences with Kensi and the “boys” in the bullpen. A veiled description of CrossFit WODs turns kinky and suspicious, especially regarding Callen! (Oh my! And Eric/Barrett’s call up to Ops was brilliant!)


HETTY: We’re not sure. And we’ve lost contact with our man inside.

CALLEN: Who’s that? On-screen footage shows the Mustang with Monica kissing “Deeks”


KENSI: Seemingly more surprised her partner is working a case without her Deeks?

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Raven & the Swans (4x22) - DensiLand: Analysis of all things Deeks & Kensi

Raven & the Swans (4x22)The one with “Touching Wood” and “bed wrestling”​

Written by: R. Scott Gemmill; Directed by: Robert Florio

Sam & Callen kick things off with a negotiation about Sam’s daughter’s birthday party that apparently mandates costumes, seemingly Harry Potter-themed costumes! Sam announced Kensi & Deeks agreed to participate. (And their costumes were…?!)

Meanwhile Deeks joins Kensi in the Armory as she cleans one of her weapons.

DEEKS: Inquiring with a hint of accusation What are you doing?

KENSI: Bluntly Shaving my legs. What does it look like I’m doing? (Oh a sassy Kensi to kick things off!)

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Spread the word! Beginning Sept. 29!

Spread the word! Beginning Sept. 29!

I agree that he won’t let her take a step that would destroy them both….Deeks to me has already made is clear on various occasions that he would pick Kensi over his job…he told Hetty that he can return to LAPD if Kensi could be back from Afghanistan and he even told Kensi in Frozen Lake in the Max/ Fern scene…to me if it was about the job vs Kensi, Deeks choice would be obvious….I do feel that Deeks needs to hear it, I mean him just dragging “their thing” from Kensi and him asking her to repeat it…I feel that if Deeks could hear from Kensi that she loves him he would share his fears with her….I mean even in the dinner at the end of Recovery, when Kensi demands the words from Deeks he would always give in and tell her, he can’t lie to Kensi nor can he deny what she wants to know….I get the feeling that Deeks thinks that Kensi won’t love him unconditionally or if she finds out what he has done/or is capable of that it would scare her away…..Sometimes I get the feeling that she will help him tame his inner anger by revealing how much she cares.

From “NI”, a DensiLand follower/commenter. This was beautifully expressed. In putting everything else aside - the anger with Hetty, the deleted scene chaos, etc. - THIS is THE theme I’m hoping to see play-out in Season 6.

Resurrection (4x21) - DensiLand: Analysis of all things Deeks & Kensi

Resurrection (4x21)The one about babysitting


Written by: Dave Kalstein & Gil Grant; Directed by: Eric A. Pot

After a bit of conversation with Callen in the bullpen, Sam clears his throat to gain Kensi’s attention, but it doesn’t phase her. So he makes another few attempts.

DEEKS: All right, if Sam clears his throat any harder, he’s gonna break a hip. It’s Callen clearing his throat that finally gains her notice.

SAM: Lightly Kensi.

KENSI: Inquisitively Yeah?

SAM: Calmly What are you doing Saturday night?

KENSI: Uh…nothing. I mean… Noting a gleam in Callen’s eye, she immediately turns suspect. Why?


SAM: G got tickets to the Clippers game. My babysitter flaked out on me. (Respectfully, what is it with these people & the Clippers?)

CALLEN: His wife’s out of the country.

KENSI: Horrified You want me to babysit?!


SAM: Happily Now that you mention it.

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NCISLA Scoop - Talia

How long will Talia be sticking around on NCIS: LA? — Mary
Sorry, Densi ‘shippers: It doesn’t like Talia (Mercedes Masohn) is going anywhere soon. “We love this character,” executive producer Shane Brennan says. “Without a doubt we’ll be bringing her back.” But don’t expect Talia and Kensi to become BFFs anytime soon. “Let’s just say things become heated between [Talia] and Kensi when Talia gives her some unasked-for advice,” Brennan teases. “Her impact is both emotional and physical.” Can you say catfight?

Purity (4x20) - DensiLand: Analysis of all things Deeks & Kensi

Purity (4x20) The one about tax returns


Written by: Joe Sachs; Directed by: Eric Laneuville

Kensi is searching her desk, clearly seeking something specific. After denying Sam’s inquiry she flashes a document proclaiming it is an operations report, but Sam counters that was due last week. (Something hinky is definitely going on.)

KENSI:Well… hey! Deeks snatches the document from her grasp.


DEEKS: Reading from the document Vacation request submission, 2011. 2011? Wow, really? If you built a time machine and didn’t tell me about it, I am gonna be pissed.

CALLEN: Morning. What’s up?

SAM: Lightly taunting Kensi seems to have lost something.

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