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Essential Episodes: NCISLA “Personal” (S2E17) | wikiDeeks

Why do you think Personal was an Essential Deeks episode?

Wanted (4x17) - DensiLand: Analysis of all things Deeks & Kensi

Wanted (4x17)The one with “Sunshine & Gunpowder”



Written by: R. Scott Gemmill; Directed by: Chris O’Donnell

[Author’s Note: As if you didn’t already expect this, you should grab a snack and get comfortable. Seriously, I’m talking 16 single-spaced pages w/o the photos! This is one of, if not my favorite episode of the entire series (to date – end of Season 5).

I love this show. I love this cast & all the people who make it happen, particularly in this episode where, even with loose nukes, there is a high level of confidence and limited angst. Given that, this “analysis” is more encompassing than most others. It may very well be considered a tribute. The social media build-up for this one was telling, I decided my best friend and I should watch it together. Keep in mind we live an hour apart. More than a year later I still vividly recall every one of my reactions….]

In the teaser we are reminded of the continuing storyline involving Michelle/Quinn, Siderov, and the stolen nuclear weapons. We are immediately introduced with a “cold open”: a violent stabbing to the neck followed by the amputation of a finger, presumably as a “trophy”. Such a graphic beginning certainly had us on the edge of our seats from the outset!

With the opening theme providing a moment to catch our breaths we’re brought to the Armory where Deeks is completing paperwork relating to some weapons. Kensi arrives with a clipboard in hand.


KENSI: Inquiring, yet attempting to give an air of nonchalance How would you describe the way we settle disagreements?

DEEKS: Without looking up or even pausing to consider I apologize, even when it’s not my fault. Typical male/female dynamic. Why? Kensi makes a note and ignores his question.

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Roundtable Discussion Part One: wikiDeeks talks Season Five Highs & Lows!

Check out our team’s reactions of Season 5 and add your own thoughts to the comments on the WikiDeeks site! We’re sure this discussion is going to get the fandom talking (even more)!

Stay tuned for Part 2 - coming soon!

Wanted (4x17) - The DVD Commentary w Daniela Ruah & Eric Christian Olsen

“Wanted” (4x17) – DVD Commentary with Daniela Ruah and Eric Christian Olsen



In this third commentary by the (on- and off-screen) bantering duo, the amusement kicks off immediately as ECO introduces himself as “Aaron Christmas Elvis.” Connoisseurs of previous DR/ECO commentaries can easily predict - and now expect - the following: they will 1) forget or erroneously name a guest actor (even with a cheat sheet), 2) make reference to Portugal, and 3) mercilessly mock each other.

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It’s “Wanted Week” in DensiLand! Check out the commentary review on Tues. & episode analysis on Thurs.!

It’s “Wanted Week” in DensiLand! Check out the commentary review on Tues. & episode analysis on Thurs.!

Lohkay (4x16) - DensiLand: Analysis of all things Deeks & Kensi

Lohkay (4x16)The one about Kensi’s “memoir”


Written by: Joseph C. Wilson; Directed by: Diana Valentine

(Author’s Note: This is the beginning of notably longer “analyses” due to the incredible end of Season 4 offerings!)

Sam is already at his desk when Kensi and Deeks arrive.

KENSI: Oh, my gosh, you totally didn’t have to do that.

DEEKS: Easily, Nonsense, are you kidding? It was my pleasure. It’s gonna be great. Hey, how are you, Sam?

SAM: Intrigued, Is there a celebration I should know about?

KENSI: Proudly, Deeks just bought us two tickets to board the high-speed rail to financial freedom, thank you very much.

SAM: I’m afraid to ask.

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History (4x15) - DensiLand: Analysis of all things Deeks & Kensi

History (4x15)The one with “Rock, Paper, Scissors”


Written by: Scott Sullivan; Directed by: James Whitmore Jr.

We open in the bullpen with Sam, Callen, and… a space suit?! Yes, Sam works to educate his team members as he prepares for his daughter’s “living history” day at school. 

Deeks eagerly spies the helmet of the space suit:

DEEKS: Moving to grab the helmet, Can I try it on?

SAM: Hurriedly No, no, no, no, no, I don’t want your greasy mop contaminating my nice, clean space helmet.

DEEKS: Assuredly You’re obviously jealous of my beautiful, flowing locks.

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The team is getting back to work!

The team is getting back to work!

One year ago. It made all the time & work on the blog worth it. 

#throwback #blessed #NCISLA #twowordsfromonepersonmademyday

One year ago. It made all the time & work on the blog worth it.

#throwback #blessed #NCISLA #twowordsfromonepersonmademyday